Everyone belongs somewhere and everyone has a place

Once you’ve gone through the screening process and we have found a position and employer that suites your professional needs, you will be assigned a recruiter who will help you through the interview, work placement, and onboarding processes. We don’t just place you in a position and walk away.

Diverse Tech Staffing provides you with the tools to empower your work placement is a success. We provide you with company and career assignment information and coordinate your interviews to help make the process as smooth as possible. After you’ve been placed in an assignment, we check back in on a regular basis to make sure all of your questions are answered and the assignment is beneficial for you.

Your career placement isn’t just another job. Instead, it’s a new opportunity to better your career and your life. Diverse Tech Staffing wants to make sure that your career placement is the right one, so we work with you to define your career goals and then work with you to find a placement that meets those goals and furthers your future career successes.